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Water for Riley: Because living things thrive with water

Monday, April 3rd to Friday, April 28th

Louise Riley Library
1904 -14th Avenue, N.W.

TMC is pleased to partner with Water for Riley because for over a year of planning and execution we too were active in the neighbourhood. Many remember our yarnbombing project (please see images below) of the 10th street house that was destined to make room for housing for homeless people with disabilities. As we say in Calgary... Onward!

Enjoy SAIT and ACAD student designs for the Water for Riley public drinking fountain competition. The exhibit includes the jury's final decision of the competition.

Riley Park: historic treasure in Calgary's green spaces
In 1910, Riley Park was a gift to the City of Calgary for everyone's future enjoyment. For over 100 years it's been an urban oasis in the inner city. Riley Park serves all demographics, and attracts users city-wide and locally.

Riley Park users need services
As the community densifies, and the numbers of park users increase, the demand for facilities also grows. Yet, the park lacks facilities to serve its growing and diverse population of visitors, and services are an unfunded priority unless we raise the money.

We believe success is built on community
Once this close-knit community saw a need and opportunity we mobilized around a vision of a unique, functional, public art fountain. The City has agreed to install, own and maintain it. Behind our application is an exciting multi-institution collaboration with collective beneficial impacts. We instituted a student challenge to design a drinking fountain that reflects the heritage values of one of Calgary's oldest districts, and aesthetic values of Riley Park's gorgeous flowerbeds, and athletic values of the cricket pitch, playground and pool. Participating SAIT, ACAD and Hillhurst Elementary School students have taken 'ownership' of their park and their fountain.

Stay in touch, follow us
Please follow our progress on twitter, Facebook and on our blog, email us with feedback and suggestions, and join us in this journey to improve a beloved natural public space.

TMC yarnbombing of a 10th street house:

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