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Inspiration in Our Hands: artwork from the DI

Thursday, April 3rd to Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Central Library Art Wall
Main floor, 616 Macleod Trail SE

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See a vibrant selection of artwork created at TMC workshops over the last year. The collection features a large colourful ‘yarn painting’ made collaboratively at the Drop-In Centre (the DI) over the last few months under the guidance of artist-mentor Margot van Lindenberg.

Inspiration in our Hands: curator’s message

At This is My City we recognize the creative voice of every citizen
and believe we are all richer for having listened.

Every week, artists who volunteer with This is My City Art Society (TMC) bring visual art programming to the Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre (The DI). Supplies–ranging from paints and pencils to yarns and glue–are laid out on tables in the common area on the second floor. Residents wander over and join in. Some are regular participants; others try it out for the first time. TMC artists offer guidance and encouragement. Most often, participants work individually to create work inspired by the materials at hand or their own personal ideas. The diverse paintings and drawings exhibited here are beautiful examples of work created in these sessions.

Occasionally, special projects take shape. Back in September, one artist-mentor launched an ambitious collaborative project at the suggestion of a client. Still a work in progress, the yarn painting Calgary - My Home represents the efforts of at least 40 participants so far. After Calgary’s skyline was loosely sketched in, the picture developed with the general consensus of those working on it. The DI is there, a symbol of transition. A bench sits in a park because, as one contributor remarked, "In Calgary we need a quiet space." There is pink in the sky to remind us of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The currents of the river are emphasized with curving lines of yarn and varied colours of blue. On the meaning of making art, one participant said, "Art represents life ... It is our expression. Art is about everyday occurrences and contact with people, places, and the environment."

We are pleased to share with you this sampling of art made in TMC workshops at the Drop-In Centre over the last year. We believe all Calgarians can relate to themes and ideas seen in these works. Art has a way of building bridges. Through art, people from all walks of life recognize shared values instead of focusing on differences.

This exhibit is presented as part of This is My City Festival 2014. Please see our festival brochure or visit our website for events happening April 3-17.

We would like to thank the Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre for their support and the Central Library for the opportunity to share this work with so many Calgarians.

Linda Hawke
Exhibition Curator

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