“The ideals of TMC coalesce in this event which transforms identical white hats into individual expressions of social comment, identity, and sense of place.”

Tip Your Hat

It all started in 2009 with Reg Knelson, back when he was a resident of the Calgary Drop-In Centre and one of the original This is My City (TMC) workshop participants. His idea — to have artists create artworks out of cowboy hats that would be sold to the public — captured what TMC is all about. Tip Your Hat invites diverse artists to make works of art that express unique stories and uses them to then engage a broad spectrum of people in dialogue. As the hats are bought, worn, and displayed, they continue to tell their stories in even wider circles. In addition, the funds raised through sales help support TMC programming and the cycle of building a more inclusive community continues.

Tip Your Hat 2013

Our annual fundraiser Tip Your Hat,
originally scheduled for June 22, 2013,
could not be held due to the flood.

Out of respect for many new and much needed initiatives to raise
funds for flood relief, Tip Your Hat is postponed indefinitely.
Discussions for alternate arrangements are underway.

We would like to thank the artists who donated their time and talent
to create fabulous works of art on Stetsons for us this year.

Barbara Amos (painting)
Lisa Brawn (printmaking)
Bill (Drawing and mixed media, DI client)
Rosemary Brown (performance, printmaking)
Deborah Catton (mixed media and collage)
Jennifer Crighton (mixed media)
Linda Cunningham (knitting)
Ryan Delve (painting, DI client)
Tyler Hochhalter (painting)
Angela Inglis (crochet)
Margot van Lindenberg (textiles)
Carrie Philips Kieser (printmaking and mixed media)
Eveline Kolijn (printmaking)
Kai Scholefield (Bee Kingdom member)
Helen Young (printmaking and illustration)

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