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What We Take With Us

January 5th to February 4th, 2012

The New Gallery Main Space, Art Central, 212 100 7th Ave SW

Presented by The New Gallery

This project is an exploration of internal and external experiences characteristic to travel and displacement. It grew from a research residency at the Sydney College for the Arts (Sydney, Australia) in September/October 2009. During our stay, we researched urban, as well as more sparsely populated coastal and inland geographies of New South Wales. Starting from our personal exploration and interviews of others, we looked for indications of what it is like to live in a place; to call it home, and at displacement / shifts evoked by the experience of physically repositioning oneself in the world.

Our research began from the perspective of examining the concept of home and what it means to individuals. As the project developed, we found that it evolved into a discussion of memory and presence, of being in the world. The process brought us to the realization that what we take with us might not be as important as what, or whom we sometimes leave behind. As we move ahead, friends, family and familiar surroundings move into memory; sometimes, that is the only way to experience them again. As the nature of living leads us forward, we are constantly required to face current events and circumstances; to grow and evolve within the present. In essence, this is also part of the discussion of nomadism and contemporary life.

- Valerie LeBlanc & Daniel Dugas, 2010

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