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On Common Ground: Conversations About Our City

January 28th, February 25th, March 31st, April 28th — 1:30pm to 4:00pm

Calgary Public Library, Central Library

Presented by The City of Calgary, Arts & Culture

On Common Ground is a series of conversations among artists, community builders, cultural thinkers, and you. Explore the shifting ideas of home, the ethics of working with each other and urban renewal as it relates to our sense of history, community and shared culture.

January 28th: Home and Homelessness

“For Blackfoot people the nomad is not a homeless person aimlessly wandering the plains in search of food: we always had a purpose for our movements. For us, the land is our home, not the shelters we live in.”

- Faye Heavyshield

Bringing together people with diverse backgrounds and experiences, this conversation serves to provide a platform to explore and contemplate different perspectives of home and homelessness.


Reg Crowshoe is a Blackfoot elder.

Candice Hopkins is the Elizabeth Simonfay Curatorial Resident, Indigenous Art at the National Gallery of Canada.

Kim Huynh is an immigrant, an artist and the Graduate Program Director, Department of Art at the University of Calgary.

Onalea Gilbertson is a performing artist and a This is My City artist-mentor who co led the recent project The Eviction of the Stuart Block.

February 25: A Matter of Trust

"No greater evil is done than with good intentions.” - Blaise Pascal

This conversation will explore the relationship between artists and their subjects and issues of privacy, voice and trust concerning at-risk and marginalized communities.


Louise Gallagher was until recently the public relations manager at the Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre.

Max Cielsielski is a client of the Calgary Rehab and Drop-In Centre and an active participant in This is My City performance programs.

Rosemary Griebel is a poet who recently published her first book of poetry, Yes.

George Webber is a photographer known for his sensitive photographic documentation of marginalized populations.

March 31: Urban Witness

This is an opportunity to explore how urban renewal affects our communities, our landscape, our history. Hear stories of urban trauma and displacement. Trace the forgotten, the overlooked and the discarded places and histories of our city.


Tomas Jonsson is a Calgary-based artist, curator and writer

Laura Pasacreta is a Heritage Conservation Specialist with the Calgary Heritage Initiative Society

Sonny Tomic is the Manager of Centre City Planning & Implementation with The City of Calgary

Lorna Crowshoe is an Aboriginal Issue Strategist with The City of Calgary

April 28: Where is My City At?

This session provides a sampling of the community building that is going on in Calgary right now. Four organizations, each working with a specific client base, will present examples of recent projects and discuss the approaches they embraced to create positive social change.


Derek Cook is the Executive Director of Calgary’s Poverty Reduction Initiative

Stef Bolianatz and Stasha Huntingford were coworkers at the Youth Recovery Coalition in its Art for Community Development Program

Connie Jakabs of MPact Dance recently produced Something to Say, a dance performance exploring the meanings of poverty and how it impact us all.

Cecilia Miguel speaks for Women Together Ending Poverty

Moderator: Linda Hawke, Board President, This is My City Art Society

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